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Taking over 404,000 acres of the southern Sierra Nevada in California, Sequoia National Park is one of America’s most beautiful national parks, attracting millions of visitors every year. Famous for its awe-inspiring Sequoia trees, breath-taking waterfalls, and many caverns, Sequoia National Park offers endless attractions and lodging that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you’re planning on visiting for a day or a week, start planning your trip to Sequoia National Park with these top places to stay and things to do:

Things to Do:

Sequoia TreeGeneral Sherman Tree

The General Sherman Tree is America’s largest tree, and by far one of the most famous landmarks within Sequoia National Park.

Kings Canyon Park

Jointed with Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon Park is also on the map for its rocky mountains, enormous trees and miles of hiking trails.

Roaring River Falls

Roaring River Falls offers a beautiful trail to hike or walk through with picturesque views of a serene waterfall, making it a destination worth seeing.

Crystal Cave

Enough of the above land excursions check out Crystal Cave beneath the ground. Crystal Cave is made of marble and located within the Sequoia National Park.

Giant Forest

The Giant Forest’s name says it all. It is the biggest and best forest within Sequoia National Park with about 12/40 giant Sequoia trees. This is the place to bring your camera.

Places to Stay:

Wuksachi Lodge

Nestled at an elevated 7,200 feet, the Wuksachi Lodge is Sequoia’s signature lodging destination. Located in the heart of Sequoia’s main attractions, Wuksachi Lodge is a beautiful and cozy stone-and-cedar lodge.

Stony Creek Lodge

The Stony Creek Lodge is a short 15 miles north of Sequoia National Park’s main attractions, such as the Giant Forest, and directly between Sequoia and Kings, which makes it so popular.

Sequoia River Dance Bed and Breakfast

If you’re looking for a stay a little more secluded and romantic, check out Sequoia River Dance Bed and Breakfast. Cozy up by their warm and comfortable fireplace, or sit outside and get lost in the sound of the mountains stream. This place is all about rest and relaxation.

Ranch Champagne Cabins

Perhaps you’re looking for a real mountain experience. Head over to Ranch Champagne Cabins for a stay in a real mountain cabin that boarders Sequoia National Park! With the views offered at these cabins, you won’t want to stay anywhere else.

Buckeye Tree Lodge

The Buckeye Tree Lodge is within walking distance of Sequoia National Park. If you’re looking for a stay that is tranquil and offers easy access to the main attractions, Buckeye Tree Lodge is your main pick. Guests can enjoy views of the river and relax to the tranquil sound of it flowing! Not to mention, the rooms are extremely cozy and welcoming to each and every guest.

Have you ever visited Sequoia National Park? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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