Financial worries may have bumped the pandemic as a top concern for travelers, but close to two-thirds of Americans still plan to hop on at least one overnight leisure trip in the upcoming three months — which includes the holiday season. Of those travelers, nearly half are planning to visit friends and relatives.

“Despite the challenges facing our industry, the outlook for fall looks stable,” said Erin Francis-Cummings, chief executive officer of Destination Analysts, in a livestreamed presentation of the latest quarterly State of the American Traveler report released Tuesday. The pre-holiday report and survey spans data collected from July through most of September.

A whopping 80% of US travelers confirm that they are excited about future trips, according to the report, with nearly a third saying they will take more leisure vacations in the next 12 months, compared to a year earlier.

That’s not to say that inflation hasn’t

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Travelers were able to enjoy lower airfare prices this summer, but with the holidays approaching, they should brace themselves for both higher prices and longer lines at the airport, one expert warned.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most traveled holidays on the calendar as people visit family and friends across the country. According to TSA checkpoint dataroughly 2.3 million people traveled the day before Thanksgiving in 2021 and around 2.1 million people did so the day before Christmas Eve.

“We’re expecting to see a huge surge in travel over this holiday season,” Hopper Lead Economist Hayley Berg said on Yahoo Finance Live (see video above).

In 2020, travel was extremely limited due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. While vaccines became readily available in 2021, the delta and omicron variants forced many travelers to scale back on their vacation plans over the holidays.

“We know that

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New guidance from the Biden Administration could make traveling with golf clubs easier.

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It’s easy to get ripped off while flying with your golf clubs. As it turns out, a little too easy.

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration released new guidance about airline fees at improving cost transparency for customers as it relates to checked baggage, child seating, flight changes and cancellations. The proposed rulewhich was written by the Department of Transportation, would compel airlines to show complete cost information at the time of purchase, allowing consumers to understand the full, built-in cost of their flight before booking.

Under the Biden Administration’s proposed rule, airlines and third-party booking websites would be “required to clearly disclose” fee information about bags, changes, or companion seats when displaying information about flights traveling to or from the United States. These changes, the Administration said, would

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(CNN) — This week in travel: The wreckage of the ship that tried to warn the Titanic about the iceberg has been found. The world’s most spectacular airport is about to double in size. And the US has been bracing itself against Hurricane Ian.

Blue sky thinking

Singapore’s Changi is no ordinary airport. It has an indoor waterfall, a swimming pool, a movie theater, a butterfly garden and more. And now the spectacular megahub is set to get a whole lot bigger: Here are the latest details about the new Terminal 5which will be as big as all four present terminals put together.
And over at Washington state’s Grant
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Package holidays are great, but sometimes it’s more fun and rewarding to book your own bespoke trip, which you can tailor to your own particular needs, interests and schedule. There is, however, one common downside to this approach: the amount of time, energy and stress involved in organizing separately hotelsflights, car hire, day trips and more.

Why, you often think, isn’t there one single, easy-to-use website where you can organize all of these things at once? Well, the great news is that, if you’re visiting Iceland, there now is!

Guide to Iceland makes it simple to access the best Icelandic travel services, within one clean, uncluttered interface. So rather than making you tear your hair out, planning a trip can become part of the fun.

Even if you weren’t thinking about heading to Iceland, maybe you should. It’s only a short flight from the UK, and despite being

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