Were you aware that RV’s come with their own vocabulary? Some of the RV Slang and Acronyms crossover from other industries. But other’s are unique to just the RV World.

We’ve put together an RV dictionary of sorts. Whether you’re new to RV’s or have been doing this for years, freshening up your knowledge of these terms, slang, and acronyms can help in several ways. Not only will you have a better understanding of your rig. But it will assist you in understanding blogs and forums about RV’s.

10 Year Rule – rule by some RV resorts and parks indicating that you cannot use their facilities if your RV is older than 10 years

A/C – Air Conditioner

Adjustable Ball Mount – height adjustable ball at the hitch allowing the ball and tongue height to properly match between the tow vehicle and trailer

Airbag – added equipment to the suspension

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The style that everyone camps, or RV’s, is different. But this list of our 22 must have’s should prove useful for almost any type of RV’ing you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short trip, or your new forever home.

Making sure you have the right accessories, tools, and creature comforts can make a world of difference. Besides, you don’t want to be miserable. Make this a fun and exciting time.

22. Spare Parts

Take a walk around your RV and notice all of the things that could easily break. Remember, your new home rolls down the road and is going to shake like an earthquake hit it. Expect things to break. Having a few spare parts for those easily breakable items will prove invaluable. Waiting until it breaks may lead to items being backordered, or worse, extended stays which get expensive.

Replacement Slider Cable

21. Tools and Maintenance

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Owning an RV put’s you in a group of about 9% of all American’s. But did you know that there are several different RV Personalities out there? Some of us live in our RV. Some of us travel in our RV. Although we all own the RV, we are a completely different set of people. Everything from the way we pack our rig to the campgrounds we go to can be contrasting.

So I decided to take a look at all of these personalities and break them down. Pick them apart a little and help you decipher which one you best fit in. A Weekend Warrior doesn’t need the same community support as a Long Term RV’er. And the products they stock their rig with is going to be different too. So knowing which of these personalities you are will help you hone in on better information to suit your

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If you are new to it, figuring out what camping essentials you need to get started can be a bit overwhelming. I think the BEST First Step is to decide what kind of camper you are going to be.

Are you going full mountain man and bringing the family along? Will this be 2 or 3 weekends a year because you now have a kid in Scouts? Did you tag along with a friend and decide this is what you want to do every weekend now?

No matter which type of camper you plan on being, the list of camping essentials you need to get started isn’t really that long. It may seem overwhelming but in reality there’s just a few basics you need to get your first trip under your belt. The rest is just add on creature comforts.

3 Top Camping Essentials

If we take a look at

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We are all trying to get more exposure for our own blogs, and we are team players! If you are looking for somewhere to be a Guest Blogger we would love to have you. There are a few things we can tell you right off the bat to be sure you would be a good fit!

All of our articles, and the ones you would post here, are going to be related to RV Living, Van Life, Camping and Gear in some way. We publish 3 days a week during the 5:00 am hour, but you are welcome to schedule your posts for any other day and time.

Our site is written using WordPress, so familiarity with it would be beneficial to you for article writing.

You are welcome to insert your own affiliate links into any article you post here, as well as links to your own blog site.

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Since moving into the RV and going Full-time, we have gotten to meet some of the most incredible people. It has also given us the chance to have some awesome experiences too. The latest of these; I had the opportunity to be a farmer for a day. Ok. Maybe it wasn’t a whole day. But it was for a few hours, and it was one of the most fascinating things I think I’ve ever done!

I’m aware that I’m from the “Garden State,” but that doesn’t mean that I grew up on a farm. I’ve visited plenty of them over the years. In fact, our son and I used to pick our own fresh vegetables every week. But I’ve never had the ability to actually work on a farm, let alone go for a ride on a Combine during harvest!

So how did this chance encounter happen? And what was

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I honestly didn’t even know that RV Rental was a thing before the first time we did it. Really, back then I didn’t have any interest in knowing anything about an RV. In fact, I relentlessly tormented my friends for being sissies and needing to bring a whole house camping. That first rental ultimately led us to pursuing the RV Lifestyle and to sell everything and hit the road. Having now been on both sides of the RV Share RV Rental Program I can honestly say it was a win each one.

Rent Your RV Out or Find One To Rent!

RV Rental as a Renter

By clicking here and then signing up as a prospective renter, you will instantly have access to just about ANY RV that you might be interested in. They have everything from small pop up trailers to 5th Wheels bigger than ours.

If you are

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