We belong to a few Full Time RV groups on social media. Recently, we have been seeing a recurring problem of torn awnings. Thankfully, we haven’t had this problem. Unfortunately, we’ve been close more times than I care to count. So we decided to review some of the things you can do to prevent this from happening to your RV.

Rent Your RV Out or Find One To Rent!

Rent Your RV Out or Find One To Rent!

# 1. Extend Only When Using

The simplest thing you can do it to only extend the awning when you’re using it. Sounds silly. But the truth is, if you aren’t sitting under it, there isn’t much need for it to be out. Keeping the awning out when you aren’t using it will make it easier to forget about when you leave your site. Wind, rain, and sun exposure all lead to torn awnings.

# 2. Clean Your Awning Regularly


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The style that everyone camps, or RV’s, is different. But this list of our 22 must have’s should prove useful for almost any type of RV’ing you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short trip, or your new forever home.

Making sure you have the right accessories, tools, and creature comforts can make a world of difference. Besides, you don’t want to be miserable. Make this a fun and exciting time.

22. Spare Parts

Take a walk around your RV and notice all of the things that could easily break. Remember, your new home rolls down the road and is going to shake like an earthquake hit it. Expect things to break. Having a few spare parts for those easily breakable items will prove invaluable. Waiting until it breaks may lead to items being backordered, or worse, extended stays which get expensive.

Replacement Slider Cable

21. Tools and Maintenance

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America is made up of small towns that most people won’t ever knows or hear about. However, sometimes we discover those small towns that make us appreciate that destination and want to share it with people we know. If there’s one place that most people haven’t heard about, but definitely deserves some recognition, it is the beautiful Mineral Bluff, Georgia, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mineral Bluff is a hidden gem in north Georgia and filled with natural beauty. Check out some of the best things in and around Mineral Bluff.

Places to Stay 

If you’re going to stay in Mineral Bluff, you won’t find too many hotels in the area. This is a good thing because if you’re going to stay in town, you’re going to want to stay in a vacation house to truly get a feel for the the area and what it’s all about.  Try

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One of the most beautiful and least visited coastal stretches in the state of Florida is the Big Bend. It stretches from Panama City Beach to Cedar Key along the Gulf Coast. This quiet, quaint and quality drive will soothe your soul. So, take the road less traveled, and see Florida the way it has always been. You will be glad you did.


Start in Panama City Beach, the largest community in the Big Bend. Here you will find an array of amazing white sand beaches. It draws people from all over the world.

Highlights include strolling swimming, fishing and water sports in the emerald green water of the Gulf. Eat at Liza’s Kitchen, Finn’s Island Style Grub, or over a sunset at Schooners Restaurant. Mexico Beach offers the 40th Street Pizzeria and must-stop Mexico Beach Donuts.

Panama City Beach, FL

Port St. Joe

Port St. Joe is a true working port.

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If you are wondering how well the T-Mobile International Pass or Simple Global International Data Work when traveling internationally, you will find this article very helpful.

NB: This article is based on our experiences with T-Mobile when traveling around the world.


Is Simple Global International Data worth it?

Yes and No. That’s because it depends on the destination you are traveling to.

However, on most of our international travels, it has always worked fine, and only had a few problems in some countries that we visited.

NOTE: These are the countries on the list of 215+ countries covered by the T Mobile International plan.

See the List of 215+ Countries Covered by T-Mobile International Plan.

I’d recommend you check out our previous articles on T-Mobile coverage in the following destinations.

Is an International Pass worth it?

It depends. As

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Road Trip PlannerWhen a street journey planner first sets his sights on Alaska, he invariably wonders if Alaska can truly be explored in one street trip. Like Roadtrippers, Waze hones in on social interaction, but it surely does so by letting the community determine which routes are one of the best to take. Customers can report nearby collisions, police radar and visitors jams so to safely avoid these routes in favor of arriving on time. What’s more, you may discover the most cost effective gasoline prices round, as gathered by the community. No matter whether or not you got down to save time or cash, Waze is one of the best ways to do each.

Branson, Missouri is likely one of the high place to go to in the Midwest with near seven million visitors annually. Branson gives sights and world-class leisure for all ages, all within the beautiful setting of the …

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In case you are traveling to Italy and wonder whether T-Mobile will be reliable, you will find this article very helpful.

This is based on our first-hand experience using T-Mobile in Italy.


Does T-Mobile offer good coverage in Italy? 

T-Mobile works well in Italy and has decent data speeds.

However, we received very low data speeds in some locations on our second trip. We couldn’t manage to load some web pages.

So, I would say that good T-Mobile data speeds will depend on the places you are visiting in Italy.

How is T-Mobile calling in Italy?

We experienced no issues calling back home (US) during our trip to Italy. It was clear with no network issues.

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T-Mobile coverage in Colombia.

T-Mobile coverage in Hawaii.

T-Mobile coverage in Costa Rica.


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