Quick Guide to Kansas City, Missouri

If you weren’t already aware, Kansas City is the most populated city in the state of Missouri with over 467,000 residents. But this mid-west city is a destination full of hidden gems that are yet to be discovered. 

If you’re planning a trip to Kansas City, MO, be sure to check out some of the great things to do and places to eat while you’re in town.

Top Things to Do

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art has been standing since 1933 and is known as one of America’s most prestigious art institutions. The museum is also famous for its outstanding collection of one-of-a-kind European, American, and Asian art.

Kauffman Center

If you’re familiar with the Kansas City skyline, you’ll be able to point out the Kauffman Center like a sore thumb. This breathtaking building is among the most modern and offers two performance halls that have held performances in music, theater, opera and so much more entertainment from across the globe.

Harry S. Truman Home

Do you know who the 33rd President of the United States is? Well, Harry S. Truman, of course, and Kansas City just so happened to be his hometown. This historic site offers a peak into a beautiful white, Victorian-style home where the late president lived.

Union Station

The beautiful Union Station may have been restored, however it is an exact replica of what is used to be and now shines with awe-inspiring turn-of-the-century architecture.

Best Places to Eat


When you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to grab a bite, you can’t go wrong with handcrafted Italian. Co-owned by Michael Smith and James Beard, guests are sure to enjoy mouthwatering menu items made from local and healthy ingredients.


Opening in May 2011, Story has been one of Kansas City’s most popular restaurants for its chic and modern atmosphere and unforgettable menu items.

The American Restaurant

The American Restaurant is much more than just American. Enjoy 360 degree views of downtown Kansas City, while enjoying a delicious meal in a romantic atmosphere. The American Restaurant is perfect for any occasion.


Originally published on Dec 3, 2014. Updated on August 1, 2021. 
Quick Guide to Kansas City

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