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You possibly can call the hotel, in fact. He should go away you his pairing data, so you already know what flights he’s working and where he is at night (and the phone quantity). But sometimes, after the crew indicators in, they alter rooms. Perhaps the room isn’t prepared, or the heater is broken; no matter. If the front desk would not change the register sheet, they’ll connect you to the incorrect room. You may get no reply, or possibly a girl will answer!

Hi I completed the Visa Application online and uploaded my picture, signature, and invitation letter and went on-line and made an appointment with the Brazil Consulate in Los Angeles for June 9th at 12 noon. On the consulate telephone recording it says that it takes 5 enterprise days to get the Visa after the appointment. Is it potential to truly get it on the identical day as the appointment so I don’t have to go back there b/c I dwell an hour away in Orange County.

I sent a letter a few days before my first court and I called the day of my court and asked the clerk if they delivered my letter and they said yes. the second time I called and they told me I had a bench warrant I explained my situation to the clerk and she said I could try sending a fax the day of my court and so I did, again I called right before my court after I faxed it and I asked then if the judge has recieved my fax, she said she was goung to walk to the court he was in and deliver it. now I have another court coming up next week. I’ve already asked the clerk if it was possible to transfer my case but since the misdemeanor happened in California it cannot be transfered.

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