RV Water Damage is a scary thought, especially if you are full time in your RV like we are. After watching the news about Hurricane’s crippling Florida it got us thinking about Water Damage. Hurricane Sandy took our home in New Jersey back in 2012. We also had friends and family in Florida that suffered severe water damage from Hurricane Ian. We know first hand the destruction a Hurricane can produce.

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But not all water damage is from Hurricane’s. Sometimes it’s a broken Hot Water Heater, or a burst pipe. What about a leaky roof? Being in an RV, it could be that a fitting was loosened while you were driving down the road. Or even a human error like connecting your fresh water line to the black tank flush! So we called our insurance agent and asked a lot of

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We belong to a few Full Time RV groups on social media. Recently, we have been seeing a recurring problem of torn awnings. Thankfully, we haven’t had this problem. Unfortunately, we’ve been close more times than I care to count. So we decided to review some of the things you can do to prevent this from happening to your RV.

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# 1. Extend Only When Using

The simplest thing you can do it to only extend the awning when you’re using it. Sounds silly. But the truth is, if you aren’t sitting under it, there isn’t much need for it to be out. Keeping the awning out when you aren’t using it will make it easier to forget about when you leave your site. Wind, rain, and sun exposure all lead to torn awnings.

# 2. Clean Your Awning Regularly


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You would be right if your first thought was, “What is Frankfurter Tamale Casserole? That sounds a little ridiculous.” Frankfurters are German, generally meaning a hotdog. A tamale is a Spanish dish made in masa, or a corn husk. Casserole’s are an American tradition that gained popularity in the 1950’s. So, what the heck kind of a dinner is this?

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The frankfurter is the closest thing in the title that matches the dish. We can blame my mom. She made up this dinner when I was little. Whenever mom threw together a dinner she would make up a name for it too. Who knows if that was to appease us kids, my dad, or maybe just her being creative. But, not only has this become a family favorite that spans multiple generations, every person we have ever made it for wants

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Despite being from the UK I had heard a few good things about this particular garden over the years.

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I have been to many botanical gardens in England and we have some beautiful ones in the UK, arguably our most famous is Kew Gardens in London but there are other places in London and all over the UK that have luscious history and greenery such as the large Durham University garden and the University of Bristol, amongst others.

Leu is 50 acres long and has remained very well maintained over the years. It is not far from Downtown Orlando and is not a far drive from Orlando Executive Airport.

The cost is $15 dollars for adults and under 17’s is $10 and under 3 years go free, which seems like fairly reasonable prices in this day and age.

Founded by P.Leu

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If you’re anything like me, your understanding of electricity is that you flip a switch and the lights turn on. Did you know there are 2 RV Electric Systems to make everything run? I certainly didn’t. But when we moved into the RV, the need to know became that much greater. Especially since we intended to do a lot of boondocking.

Doug has had the patience of a saint over the years trying to explain to me the basics of how electricity works. Listen, I knew enough to ace the test in middle school science class, including our little lab making the lightbulb turn on. And at the time I had the formula W = A x V memorized. But this was never a formula I needed in life. Off it went to the storage cabinet marked “Useless Information” in my brain. Great for Jeopardy. Not for real life.


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Running your block heater in the winter is something we all know we need to do, but for how long? It turns out to be a simple answer, with a small variable.

Block Heater vs Oil Warmer

Before we get in to how long it needs to run, we need to clarify a Diesel Myth out there. That being your Block Heater is supposed to warm up your oil. This is not the case at all.

A Block Heater is just that, a small electric heating element that warms up your engine block. It is installed in one of the antifreeze passages in your engine. Your oil pan is on the very bottom of the engine.

The function of the block heater is to work like an electric water heater, and warm the coolant in your engine. By keeping the block warm, it makes it easier for your engine to

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VocationA non secular vocation is about being so full of the love of Christ that only giving oneself completely and completely back to Him will suffice. It springs from a relationship of affection with the Lord, who initiates a deep inside call that beckons, Come, follow Me.” He asks an individual to be set apart, consecrated, that she or he would possibly turn out to be an echo of His life on earth. With the call comes a mission, a selected participation in Christ’s redemptive mission.

Priestley was becoming a member of the ranks of his mates Canton and Franklin … Only five years after they’d inspired him to show his experimental hobbies into a critical vocation, Priestly had reached the highest pinnacle of scientific achievement. Mr. George P. Hanley. Former vocation: jerk. Present vocation: genie. George P. Hanley, a most peculiar man whom life treated with out deference, honor …

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Who installs RV Skirting just to see if it really makes any difference at all? I do.

Now I didn’t go out and buy a completely custom made super expensive, extra thick skirt to wrap around my RV in the hopes that all the old timers are right. Nope, I went the super frugal way and bought a few tarps on amazon and made my own on the cheap.

I honestly had no intention of ever putting skirting around the bottom of our Fifth Wheel. Hell, we were never supposed to be cold again because we were following 70 degrees around the country. Well plans change, and now we find ourselves parked in the NOT 70 degrees of New England for the Winter.

What made me change my mind? It was a balmy 20 something degrees out the other morning, and our neighbor Alex and I ended up going out

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In the realm of firearms, technological advancements have brought about significant improvements in both weapon design and performance. Among the key innovations are firearm attachments, which play a pivotal role in enhancing accuracy, handling, and adaptability of firearms. These attachments cater to a wide range of shooting applications and are crucial tools for law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian shooters. Here, we will discuss the importance of firearm attachments in modern shooting and how they have revolutionized the way firearms are utilized.

1. Optics Attachments

One of the most critical firearm attachments in modern shooting is optics. Optics attachments, such as red dot sights like vortex red dots, holographic sights, and scopes, have dramatically improved shooters’ accuracy and target acquisition speed. These attachments provide a clear sight picture, allowing shooters to acquire and engage targets quickly and effectively, even in low-light conditions or adverse weather.

Red dot sights and …

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While Buffalo might be best known for its epic snowstorms, that should not keep you from spending time in this city. Buffalo, New York is a vibrant small city that has found a true resurgence in the last few years.

Now, it’s becoming a destination for many who enjoy everything from incredible architecture to sports and yes, even wings.

In this post, we’re going to give you a guide to everything you need to know about Buffalo.

Getting There

Buffalo is the second largest city in all of New York, and it’s about as far away from Manhattan as you can get. It’s all the way on the Westernmost part of New York on the Canadian border.

Interstate 90, the highway that runs across the country, also hits Buffalo before veering south along Lake Erie into Pennsylvania.

Buffalo is just under 2 hours from Toronto, Canada, and less than four

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