What Ought to You Know Earlier than Flying For The First Time?

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Now that I have found and settled into the living space on Mamba Point I so coveted, life is somewhat more tolerable and less hectic. My apartment has twelve foot ceilings, marble floor tiling’s, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, hot water, and most of all National Power. No more purchasing fuel every two days to run the generators while regulating usage to save money and keeping maintenance on schedule. Thank goodness.

The only other tip about checked luggage I want to add is to pack equally sized bags which weigh more or less the same. Pick them up and make sure they are all about the same weight if you do not have the time or opportunity to actually weigh them. This is a general tip but with kids, chances are you will have more gear than expected and wont want to waste time during check-in paying for oversized bags.

The final flight on the journey was a small express flight, so the wait at Dulles Airport was in a segregrated offshoot with two groups of passengers at the same gate. One group was going to, well I really don’t remember, I was so tired. The second flight was of course to Kansas City, Missouri. With both these destinations from the same gate it did cause some small confusion for passengers.

Macau is a land of free shuttle providers so you don’t really want to take a taxi to main tourist spots. These shuttles are supplied by many hotels. Generally, huge resorts with casinos supply frequent shuttle companies to their motels. Smaller resorts and those who do not need casinos may have much less frequent or no shuttle companies. Nevertheless, in Macau, you do not need to be a visitor of the resort to board their buses—nobody will ask you about this while you use their services as a result of frankly they do not actually care. The principle goal for most lodges offering such handy companies is to get you nearer to their casinos.

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