Tips Travel Across City and Country

The more days it becomes increasingly risky for us as women to travel alone using public transportation. Snatching, rape, until murder, can happen if we are less alert. But we need not be afraid. No need to be a panic using public transportation alone. Here are brief tips for traveling alone safely and conveniently using public transport.

Be Aware & Be Sensitive!

If you’re traveling alone, avoid too engrossed in chatting hp, listen to songs until singing alone, or even daydream and overslept. Pay attention to the conditions around you. If anyone with suspicious movements is near you, it’s better to just straighten out yes. Do not stay on the premises just because dear already lined up long or lazy to get off the vehicle.

As the name implies who, where work, home where, and others. I always give fake bio to protect myself. Never give the right data to stranger even if the person looks attractive and friendly. When invited to chat, answer the whole thing and do not need to ask back when not needed. Prevent sharing personal information and having deep noise with strangers.

The public transportation you ride is crowded? Do not force him to ride it instead of you uncomfortable. If it should be up, make sure you are not a woman alone there and go up in a place that is reserved for women.

Update Your Latest Position

That is not every time you arrive at a new place you check in internet. Able to be in a mass un friend with your friends. Every trip, starting from the initial position to get to the destination, report your latest positions to the people closest like parents, spouses, co-workers, or friends. When boarding public transport using private driver, inform driver data to the nearest person. Reporting this position is useful when something bad happens to you, your nearest person knows your travel history and can immediately seek relief measures.

Provide Money Fitting

I had a bad experience while climbing Bus. In the middle of the journey suddenly there were two teenagers stepped into bus and took out a razor blade, then rubbed his pulse in front of the passenger while asking for money. It’s really scary! Luckily I brought a change of coins then I hurriedly love them to get away quickly. Afraid pooke if not give! In addition to bringing a dime, we can save time in paying fare or buying tickets. No delay time waiting for change.

Bring Personal Drugs and Personal Protective Equipment

Recognize the condition of your body while riding public transport. I am one of those who is easily nauseous and migraine when standing on the bus or train and when you’re in the middle of a traffic jam. The solution I always bring migraine and wind oil in the bag. Bringing a personal medication will make it easier for you to cope with your illness if you recur on the way. Bring your own personal protective equipment is mandatory! The easy to carry in the bag is a pepper spray and a folding knife.

Know the Time

It is better not to go alone when the time is more than 9 pm because usually at this hour the street conditions are deserted. You should ask for company or ask to be escorted by your nearest person. Although dared to go alone at night, but we never know when danger lurks us. So do not force it!

Pay Attention To Your Appearance

Just save your diamond gold jewelry at home. Wear a mask when traveling using public transport. In addition to protecting breathing from airborne content on dirty streets, masks can also protect facial skin from dust and sunshine (do not forget to wear Moisturizer, Sun block, and Lip Balm before leaving!). Bring along a scarf or jacket to protect yourself from potential travel diseases (such as flu, colds, and other airborne distributed diseases).

Hp & Charge Battery

This is to make it easier for you to get in touch with the people closest to you on the trip. Also take power bank to anticipate the battery run out on the trip.

However, what you must do before traveling alone is to pray that God will always protect us wherever we are.

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