The Priesthood As Vocation

VocationThe seek for your calling or vocation is completely different from identifying an occupation. While occupation has extra to do with earning cash, paying the lease or satisfying one’s ego or delight, vocation or calling are tied to 1’s sense of which means and life-goal. As individuals age and mature, the search for significant life and fulfilling one’s calling turn out to be more important.

To boil it down right into a word, I felt called to disciple.”Armed with this new lens, I started to look at the myriad options before me. I thought of getting a instructing credential, since I figured teaching was one profession that might enable me to talk with impressionable students all day long. But then I realized that if I were going to stroll with different people as they wrestled with what they believed, I should most likely figure out what I believed so that I wasn’t just taking my parents’ and pastor’s word for it. So I wound up going to grad school to get a masters diploma in Theology.

Ordinarily this vocation is revealed as the result of deliberation in accordance with the rules of purpose and religion ; in extraordinary instances, by supernatural light so abundantly shed upon the soul as to render deliberation pointless. There are two indicators of vocation: the one destructive, the absence of impediment ; the other constructive, a agency resolution by the assistance of God to serve Him in the ecclesiastical or non secular state.

Because I am convinced that I actually have made nice progress in understanding these points, and that these issues are of such unrivalled importance, philosophy is for me a relentless supply of enjoyment. If I thought it was all fully pointless unless I somehow made a sufficiently big impression on the broader world, I suspect that I would succumb to abject despair!

As is seen in Scripture, the Lord calls several types of people, with totally different backgrounds, personalities, life experiences, and idiosyncrasies. The Lord chooses individuals from among His people. He chooses people each as representatives of His folks, and He also calls a specific particular person made in His Image and Likeness very personally, as if to substantiate that every life is infinitely invaluable in His sight and to His Heart.

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