VocationThe English language is stuffed with phrases that, whereas seemingly synonymous, actually communicate radically different things. For occasion, take politician” and public servant.” While both might be used interchangeably, the latter is, by definition, targeted on others, while plainly the previous is often targeted on his or herself. Another set of false synonyms is occupation” and vocation.” While both phrases refer to something that we do, a job or profession, the similarities stop there.

Am I afraid to be called to the non secular life? Not at all. If it is what He needs from me, I’ll do it. My mother won’t be completely happy but when it is what God wants, it is what I’ll do. Do I really feel called to it? Not at all. In reality, when folks ask me why I’m not a religious sister, I almost really feel like they’re trying to force the vocation. …

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VocationGod calls. We reply. A vocation is a response to a specific call that Jesus Christ locations on our hearts. It is our individual way of living discipleship within the Church.

As a Christian, I discover this vocational emphasis to be deeply fulfilling total. I even have come to imagine, as the Reformers did, that every one fact is God’s fact and all work is God’s work. Yet, in my transition from a very public, marketplace vocation working for management on Capitol Hill to a mostly private, familial vocation as a keep-at-residence mother, I even have become increasingly aware of how tough it can be to seek out ample resources, conversations or even the vocabulary, to develop a coherent understanding and an intentional dwelling out of this quiet, care-giving vocation that now defines the waking and working hours of my days.

B. − Mouvement intérieur par lequel l’être humain se …

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