T-Mobile Coverage In Egypt (From Experience)

Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Rose Morah

If you are wondering how T-Mobile is in Egypt, we are going to share our experiences with T-Mobile during our last visit to Egypt in August this year.

Nb: We purchased the International pass for this trip.


Is the T-Mobile International Pass worth it in Egypt?

Yes. T-Mobile worked well in some locations but roaming didn’t work at all in some.

Generally, most of the time roaming didn’t work as it had in all the countries that we had visited before and after our Egypt trip.

For instance, in Jordan and Israel, we never had any issues with T-Mobile coverage.

Some of the places where T-Mobile worked well in Egypt included:

  • On the Nile river.
  • Near Dahab and some other remote areas.

We experienced terrible service in Cairo. However, calls worked well compared to data.

Check out T-Mobile coverage in other destinations:

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T-Mobile alternatives when traveling to Egypt?

During the trip, it was quite a headache having to rely on T-Mobile, so we ended up getting a local SIM card, and that solved our problems.

We purchased the orange local SIM card and it really had super cheap data rates.

eSIMs are also a much better alternative.

In conclusion, whenever you find yourself in a situation such as ours, don’t let it ruin your trip. That’s because there are so many great alternatives to T-Mobile when you’re traveling outside the US.

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