Forests Can Be Used As Places For Picnics, This Is What You Should Pay Attention To

Picnic in the forests are fun for nature-loving travelers as well as being a second home. There are birds singing, and fresh breeze that greets every step. But if this is the first time you enter the forests.

Forests are often a holiday destination for tourists who feel bored with the hustle and bustle of urban areas. Some of the interesting things that the forest has to offer tourists include stunning green panoramas and cool fresh breezes. The forest also allows tourists to observe animal activity more closely.

Here are the things to look out for if you want to do a picnic in the forests :

1. Bring only necessary items

When entering the forest, just carry the necessary things in a small backpack. Leave other items stored in basecamp. This is useful to facilitate your movement.

2. Wear closed clothes

Walking in shorts is fun, but you should adjust to the situation. In the forest, you can meet many insects that may bite smooth skin, such as mosquitoes.
Therefore, avoid using open clothing such as hotpants or short-sleeved shirts. Try to wear long-sleeved pants and shirts. In addition, long clothes also prevent the skin from scratching the wood.

3. Apply mosquito repellent cream

Forest mosquitoes are large. Once bitten, the pain will be felt and can even last a long time. So, don’t forget to apply mosquito repellent cream before leaving.

4. Don’t wear perfume

If you want to smell good even if you’re in the forest, that’s okay. But you should not wear perfume when you go there. The sweet smell of perfume can invite forest insects such as bees or wasps to follow you.

5. Keep walking on the track it should be

Never walk outside forests paths or even open new paths while in the forest. This relates to your safety. The risk is getting lost in the middle of the forests.

6. Keep clean

A plastic bag is one of the things that must be brought when traveling into the forest. Store all trash in it and avoid littering. Let’s be a traveler who protects the environment!

7. Set the time

It’s fun to enjoy the beauty of nature, don’t forget the time! Come back while the sun is still shining. Going home when the sun has set can result in getting lost.

8. If to observe animals, wear dark clothes

There are many destinations for travelers when they enter the forest. For those of you who just want to enjoy nature’s treats, you don’t have to bother looking for clothes to wear.
But, for those of you who go into the forest to observe animals, it’s best to wear dark clothes or the same color as the surroundings.
T-shirts in black, dark blue, dark brown or dark green can be an option. By wearing these clothes, the animals become less aware of the presence of humans because they are dim with the colors around them.

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