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Government of Brazil has introduced that US, Canada, Australia and Japan citizens don’t need visas to travel to Brazil for TOURISM purposes between June 1, 2016 and September 15, 2016. Please enjoy the Olympics. Normally, Brazil visa for USA residents is $a hundred and sixty.

My entire point was that I had asked for one early in the day, later in the day, and there was no action or explanation. I asked for the guy who had made the promise, thrice, that a towel would be there by night. He was gone of course. The ladies continued to apologize so I knew I would not be receiving a new towel and gave up the challenge. I could not continue my quest for this particular holy grail.

Your reactions might have been surprised. You might have thought I was going to another country by myself without any parent supervision. Ha! I wished that’s what happened. Unfortunately that’s not what happened. I just went to Bali. And my parents went with me. Not on the same plane though. They went on Air Asia while I went on Garuda. It’s a long story. But I just might tell you.

At his point, I will mention a second night out. This was the type of adventurous situation I usually get myself into on nearly every trip I go on. It involved the friend I was staying with and was not quite as good a time as Tiger Tiger Club.” I don’t remember the name of the small club we went to, but I do remember it was on the third floor and they had a band that was actually pretty good. The unpleasantness began when my friend ended up completely wasted at closing time, around 3:00 am. Nothing good happens after 12:00 am, let alone three.

This all works unless you are 63 sheets to the wind drunk, which I was not. As I walked, I began using my powers of observation and instinct, much like Sherlock Holmes would be doing if he were in my situation. There were a pair of losers hanging in front of a shop across the street, no help, a car going by in the opposite direction, no help, a group of people making their way into some type of strange establishment, no help. Wait, there was a nice looking club with a doorman standing in front talking to two others that seemed neat, and sober. That, my dear Watson, is the ticket.

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