Discover the Small Town of Mineral Bluff

America is made up of small towns that most people won’t ever knows or hear about. However, sometimes we discover those small towns that make us appreciate that destination and want to share it with people we know. If there’s one place that most people haven’t heard about, but definitely deserves some recognition, it is the beautiful Mineral Bluff, Georgia, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mineral Bluff is a hidden gem in north Georgia and filled with natural beauty. Check out some of the best things in and around Mineral Bluff.

Places to Stay 

If you’re going to stay in Mineral Bluff, you won’t find too many hotels in the area. This is a good thing because if you’re going to stay in town, you’re going to want to stay in a vacation house to truly get a feel for the the area and what it’s all about.  Try getting a spot on the Toccoa River where you can kayak on for a few hours. If a vacation house isn’t in your future, try a bed and breakfast in Downtown Blue Ridge. You’ll love the town that is rich in culture with classic small town charm.

Where to Eat

Check out some of the best brews in town at the local Blue Ridge Brewery. You’ll love this cozy pub with the best local brews and delicious menu items. Another favorite of both the locals and visitors is the famous Toccoa Riverside Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious home cooked meal when dining at this restaurant. You’ll get a real taste of the south when you stop in for a meal.

Things to Do

Toccoa River, GAIf you’re wondering what to do in Mineral Bluff, take the family gem mining! You’ll get your own dirt to sift through and see if you’re lucky enough to find a valuable rock! if you’re in the mood to walk around the town, head to Downtown Blue Ridge where you’ll find some of the town’s best shops, restaurants, bars and more. For the outdoor lovers, be sure to hop on a raft and drift down the famous Toccoa River or bring your kayak and go on a tour of the river while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Have you ever been to Mineral Bluff, Georgia? What do you like to do when you’re in town? Tell us about your Mineral Bluff adventures in the comments below!

Visiting Mineral Bluff, Georgia

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