DIA TRAVEL: Travel experts warn to book holiday travel within next few weeks

DENVER (KDVR) — Denver International Airport is the third-busiest airport in the world, with the holiday season being the most active time of year. Travel experts tell FOX31, the price of gas is decreasing which impacts jet fuel, but an increase in travelers who may have postponed trips during the pandemic could drive up fares.

One passenger tells FOX31, summer travel has been busy causing long lines.

“We almost missed the flight,” he said.

AAA of Colorado spokesperson Skyler McKinley tells FOX31, now is the time to book holiday travel because airports will be even busier in the coming months.

“I wouldn’t wait longer than mid-September,” McKinley said.

The upward trend in air travel means strong job numbers. Sixty-nine million passengers traveled through DIA in 2019 just before the pandemic. That number dipped, but revenge travelers, people just happy to fly with fewer restrictions, have those numbers high again.

“This is going to be the biggest Christmas season for Europe since the pandemic,” said McKinley.

Whether traveling abroad or within the US, the earlier you book the better. On Aug. 14, the Problem Solvers found flights from Denver to Chicago departing Dec. 18 and returning two days after Christmas for $420.

Travel experts said this year, it will be important to plan carefully for the possibility of delays by booking extra time in the event of an unexpected overnight stay.

“They expect the airlines to put them up if there’s a cancellation, airlines are not required to do that under law in fact they rarely do that because there’s so much travel demand,” said McKinley.

Choosing to book the earliest flight in the day can lessen the chance of delays, and adding travel insurance can provide protection from the cost of cancellations. It’s also a good idea to stay informed about government guidelines for airlines.

“The FAA is considering new rules that say, you know, what if it’s more than three hours for a domestic flight and six hours for international, you’re entitled to that. So, watch very carefully what the FAA does in the coming weeks,” said McKinley.

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