Basic Diving for Beginners, More Easy and Enjoy

Beginner diver will feel afraid, happy, nervous, between can and not. Therefore to reinforce your desire to learn about the inaugural dive need to note some of the following self-control techniques.

Keep Calm and Sure

You must be sure that you can do it, because all the procedures and equipment you have used have proven to be safe for everyone who follows them. Quiet is the most important attitude in the first dive, you do not have to worry if happened apa2 inside because of course you will not and do not do the dive alone (never dive alone). There are friends / buddy who always accompany you, make sure your buddy who is proficient and has a certificate to bring people. In any circumstance try to feel calm, because with calm then you are easier to think and move in the water.

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Follow Instructions from Guide (Instructor)

As I mentioned above, you will surely be assisted by the dive master as your coach. Follow all the instructions and diving activities, Usually you will be briefed before you go into the water. Do your best and while possible so you can learn step by step so as to gain comfort in diving.

Correct Body Movement

The position of the body will greatly affect our dives buoyancy in water. Make your body as comfortable as possible to make the movement, no need to hurry because there is nothing to be done in a beginner dive. Do also the movement of hands / feet properly in order to produce strong power and not tired quickly.

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Do not hold your breath while in the water

The most important thing when diving is do not hold your breath while underwater. Sometimes, you unconsciously hold a little breath while exhaling the water through the mouth. It is very dangerous because it can cause an accident in the lungs. Breathe normally and relax while you are in the water. Breathe deep water through the mouth and remove it all through the mouth as well. Incoming and outgoing water capacity must be equal and balanced. In addition, the water inside the body will make you lighter so it can make you pushed to the surface more quickly.

Memorize hand gestures

Of course you will not be able to talk while in the water. Therefore, it was created as a communication medium under the sea. Recognize and memorize the cues well. One-one sign, can be different meaning. Thumbs up means you want or asked to rise to the surface. While the thumbs down is hinted to dive deeper. The palms of the swaying shapes like waves are defined as problems. The palm pulls the horizontal line around the neck to be the most scary sign because it means running out of oxygen.

Equalizing Up Down

Equalizing is the act of adjusting the pressure in the ear with the outside of the body. The way that can be used is to close the nostrils and then remove the water slow nose with the hand still squeeze your nose. Or you can also swallow (this is usually done by a professional) To time equalizing do as often as possible / do not get sick new you equalizing. As much as possible if you go every 1 meter do equalizing though your ears do not feel sick / depressed.

Do not Feel Scared and Enjoy

Diving squares include expensive activities, so if you can not enjoy it is useless throwing a lot of money for things you do not enjoy. In addition, diving is an activity that I think is very enjoyable and comfortable because it is in the water with enough time and see the coral reefs, fish, other fish directly is the most interesting experience in life.

Adjust your ear with water pressure

Every meter, the water pressure will be stronger. As a result, your ears will be sore. There is a way to relieve pain in the ears while in the sea. Press and exhale from the nose in a closed nose state. If you can not, you can swallow every time the ears hurt.

Do not panic if the pain never goes away. Bring the issue to the guide. No loss of pain in the ear can be caused by your illness like sinus and a newly healed cold. As soon as possible, immediately rise to the surface because if not, your eardrum can be damaged.



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