As the warm days of summer lead into the cool nights and brisk mornings of fall, there comes a time when that perfect combination of weather makes for spectacular scenery across many parts of the country.

Know what we’re talking about?

Fall leaves.

From late September through late November, you can take a trip to places from Maine to Minnesota and see the highways and byways dotted with brilliantly colored fall leaves in red, yellow, and orange.

But, if you really want to surround yourself with nature’s beauty, head off the highway and into the National Parks. There, you’ll be blown away with how incredible this season is.

Here are some of our favorites.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Tennessee and NC) 

Great Smoky Mountains

Covering the rolling hills and peaks of two states, you’ll find plenty of beautiful red and yellow hues exploring the backwoods trails of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Kancamagus Highway Scenic Drive is a trip along New Hampshire’s highway 112 from Conway to Lincoln. The 34-mile long scenic byway winds through the White Mountain National Forest, much of the way following the course of the Swift River. Along the way, one can explore and enjoy Sabbaday Falls, Lower Falls, Rocky Gorge, Champney Falls, and the Kancamagus Pass on Mt. Kancamagus.

About Kancamagus

Kancamagus was a real person. The name means “The Fearless One.” He was the grandson of Passaconaway or, “Child of the Bear”. Passaconaway united over 17 tribes within central New England in 1627. This unification formed the Panacook Confederacy. Passaconaway ruled the Panacook Confederacy until his death in 1669. The town of Conway gets its name from Passaconaway.

Best Time to Visit

This is one of the best fall foliage drives in the nation, so expect heaver traffic when the leaves are turning and the “leaf

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The Blue Ridge Mountains should be on everybody’s bucket list. Here are 5 reasons to pack your bags immediately and head out on this scenic 469-mile adventure that goes from Virginia to North Carolina.

1. It’s Pretty Quiet

The first reason is, it’s pretty quiet.

If you’re wondering why that’s such a big deal- you will understand when you get there. Because there is a speed limit of only 45 mph and big trucks are not allowed, cars are free to coast along at a comfortable pace.

So, roll down those windows, turn up that bluegrass, and enjoy the ride!

2. There Are Plenty of Stops  

Another good thing about this road trip is that you can hop off and on as you please. It’s a long, winding road with a ton of adventurous possibilities in store for you. Take any exit on the path to find restaurants, shops, museums

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If you looking for cheap places to travel during Christmas, or just want to avoid snow, this article has listed some of the best places you can take your winter vacation in the US.

1. Key West, Florida

Florida is a nice place to visit for your warm winter vacation in the US. This is because the weather, especially in December, is usually excellent, with little rain and moderate temperatures compared to other places.


The following are some of the best things to do in Key West:

  • Take a trip to  Fort Jefferson

Book early in advance because tickets are usually sold out in months.

  • Renting bikes will make your experience even much better.

  • Go to Fort Zachary beach.
  • Take a kayak and snorkel trip. I recommend the Danger Charters tour for this trip.
  • Enjoy a
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When driving in winter, it is important to always have an emergency kit in your car.

A good car emergency kit saves you time when you get stuck, may end up saving a life, and makes it easier to get out of a sticky situation in winter.


In this article, we have listed must-have essentials that you should have in your emergency kit when traveling in winter.

The following is what you need to include in your winter survival kit list:

1. A collapsible shovel

A collapsible shovel is a must-have car accessory that helps you when you get stuck when driving in winter. 

I recommend getting a snow-removal type of shovel as it gets the job well done. 

Lightweight travel-size shovels are also easy to find. But personally, I prefer a heavy shovel because it doesn’t break easily.

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