15 Signs He’s Crossing Over From Cute To Controlling

There’s no doubt everyone strives for sinking into romantic relationships since it’s nearly the primary goal of our existence. Mainly for that reason, people tend to try dating sites for over 60s and lower ages just to do everything possible to draw that long anticipated moment closer. Yet, once in the relationships, we may sometimes be too blinded to notice how the second half slowly turns from cute to controlling.

  1. Asking friends about your location

It’s normal when he cares about your safety but it’s controlling when he asks everyone where you are all the time.

  1. Making regular calls

It’s cute to receive a call or two from him but it’s too much to answer 10 calls per hour.

  1. Making remarks about the way you dress

You may appreciate him commenting your outfit but you surely won’t tolerate him criticizing your clothes and controlling what you wear.

  1. Being jealous of every guy you meet

It might seem cute to know he’s jealous about the fact you talked to some other guy. However, it’s controlling when he tries to interfere with every conversation you are involved in.

  1. Paying no attention to your need to be alone

It’s cute to know he wants to spend time with you, yet, it’s controlling if he never lets you be alone.

  1. Neglecting your opinions

He, of course, should have his own opinions. However, neglecting your needs is nothing but controlling.

  1. Making your hobbies his own

Everyone should have a hobby but it doesn’t mean one should ‘steal’ the other person’s hobbies. Otherwise, it looks controlling.

  1. Checking your mail and messages

This is cute when he wants to know more about you but checking your phone and emails is a little bit too much.

  1. Isolating you from your family

It’s good to know he wants to introduce you to his family. It’s controlling when he tries to isolate you from yours.

  1. Treating you as the most important thing

It’s cute and even romantic when he says you are important to him. But it’s controlling when he repeats that you are the most important THING in his life.

  1. Making decisions instead of you

Helping you make a decision is cute, however, constantly making decisions instead of you is controlling.

  1. Leaving you no private space

It’s cute when he says he wants to stay close to you but it’s not okay if he leaves you no private space.

  1. Claiming to be the only one to make you happy

Trying to make a person happy is cute, yet, claiming to be the only one who can do it is both controlling and worrying.

  1. Leading you to a thought you aren’t good enough

Expressing the wish to become perfect for you is cute. At the same time, making you feel you aren’t good enough for him is controlling.

  1. Forcing you to live together

It’s, of course, a great relief to finally hear him offer you to live together. However, if he starts forcing you to do so right from the start, it is definitely not a good sign.

These are the signs that mean you should reconsider your relationship with your partner. If he tries to control you, it certainly won’t lead to anything good.


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